These are various projects that I’ve worked on the side along with different artists.

Keyboardist/ Trumpeter/ Laptop Musician – E3 (November 2012 – August 2013)

E3 was a side project of live improvised music that I had in London in collaboration with Jardar Westvik and Henrik Opperman. We’ve played a few shows in the London area, and in June 2013 we were privileged to perform at Progkunstfestivalen in Oslo, Norway. Here is a clip from our first show back in December 2012.

Composer – opening sequence for SFU’s LipDub (October 2012)

Sound Operator/ Music Technology Assistant – “Project Barca” (October 2011 – March 2012)

Assisting Dr. Henry Daniel at SFU with recording information sessions and setting up multi-channel electronic systems for voice manipulations as part of his research project to help create a “new intellectual framework for research/creation in choreographic practice”.

“Caffeinated Desires” for guitar, bass, drums (June/July 2011).

This was an idea that I had for a while, and was based off of the harmonic rhythm played by the guitar, and then the piece was built from there.