Last Night – synthesizers, keyboards, strings (15′)

Directed by Joel Salaysay (Canada, April 2016).

Fluid – guitar, percussion, synthesizers, keyboards (75′)

Directed by Jonathan Bart (UK, September 2015).

The Trap – synthesizers, guitar, keyboards (17′)

Directed by Adam Estey and produced by BURST Pictures (January 2015).

The Trap from BURST Pictures on Vimeo.

Vancouver Aerial Footage – orchestra (3′)

Director: Alex Gower-Jackson
DP: AJ Vesak
Pilot: Peter Murray – Talon Helicopters
Prod. co. Barbershop Films
All footage is property of the rightful owners (September 2013) .

You’ve Done Enough – orchestra, electroacoustics (21′).

A documentary directed by Laurie Harris, based on an English soldier’s account of World War I. Presented at ScreenDoc Fest in London (June 2013).

Film Music Demo Reel – orchestra; keyboards, vibraphones; electroacoustics, drums (8′)

All footage is property of the rightful owners (May 2013).

Quarters – vibraphones, voice, guitar (12′)

A short film by Petra Sevcik (May 2012).

Construct Comma Demolish – piano, cello, voice (3′)

Directed by Karissa Polsom & Rheanna Toy. Screened at the iNdustry Dance Show at the Scotiabank Dance Centre (June 2011).

Numbers – strings and percussion (10′)

Directed by Benjamin Wlodawer. This was part of a film score. “A hopeful, concentration camp escapee hides in a bunker, writing a letter to his brother, wishing not only to meet him again but also survive the hardships of wilderness and war” (April 2011).

Genderroles – guitar, organ, electroacoustics (4′)

Directed by Monica Rudd, this is a short film that looks at the roles of genders in society, from a satirical point of view (September 2010).

Untitled – piano, electracoustics (4′)

An installation created between myself and videographer/visual artist Mairin Cooley at SFU Woodward’s. Below is an excerpt of it, where the audience had to watch the projections, seeing themselves in it, while lying down (October 2010).