The Feeling of Not Being Empty – organ, piano, cello, guitar, electroacoustics (15′)

A dance piece created in collaboration with choreographer Tatiana Cheladyn. Presented at the Expanse Dance Festival in Edmonton, AB, March 8 and 9, 2014. Funded by the Alberta Foundation for the Arts, the Edmonton Arts Council, Good Women Dance, and Canada Council for the Arts.

in/dependency – for 3 laptop musicians and 3 dancers (8′)

Site-specific piece created in collaboration with choreographer Tatiana Cheladyn. Performed as part of the 2012 Digital Orchestra show in Studio T, at SFU Woodward’s April 12, 2012.

the sum of its parts – electroacoustics, guitar, piano (20′)

A collaboration with choreographer Tiffany Tregarthen, this was a piece that was commissioned by the SFU Dance Faculty and presented at the Repertory Dance Company 2012 show at the Fei & Milton Wong Experimental Theatre, March 2012.

Hysteresis – live electroacoustics with solo dancer (9′)

A collaboration with dancer Jen Dunford, this piece explores issues of working in real time and relying on past and current states to create a future state, while fighting with the idea of deficiency. Performed at the 2012 West Coast Student Composers Symposium at the University of Victoria, February 3, 2012.

Ten Dancers Acting – piano, violin, guitar, bass, drums, percussion, electroacoustics (12′)

Choreographed and performed by Heather Lamoureux, Lindsey White, DeAndra Sullivan, Shannon Lee, Jessica Hebert, Antonio Somera, Robert Azevedo, Marisa Gold, Sam Svensk and Laura Cvitkovich. Performed at “149 West” at the Fei & Milton Wong Experimental Theatre, November 2011.

It’s This One… – guitar (6′)

Choreographed by Kaitlyn Soo. Performed by Laesa Kim at “Arriving” at SFU Woodward’s, May 2011.

Sleepwalk in the Sky – organ, electronics, synth, voice (6′)

Project by Ariana Preece, David Stein, and Sebastian Laskowski. Performed live at the skywalk between Woodward’s and W2 April 7, 2011. Edited and released as a film April 19.

Feathered – guitar, keyboards, elctroacoustics (7′)

Choreographed/ performed by Heather Lamoureux and Lindsay White. Performed at the Endosymbionts Student Dance Show at SFU Woodward’s, February 2011.

“Flawless” – guitar, percussion, electronics, piano (6′)

Choreographed by Angelina Krahn, Vancouver BC, October 2010.